Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Models Own 2-in-1 Lengthen and Curl mascara (review)

What they say: Designed to enhance the natural curl of your eyelashes and create a frame for your eyes. Our Curve 'V' Design brush promotes length and curl.
Colour: black
Rating: * * *
I have a specific mascara that I tend to always buy, but I got given this one in a ‘Model’s own’ gift bag at the clothes show and, as my current mascara is starting to run out, I thought I’d try it out as more of an ‘everyday’ item.
I love the appearance of this mascara, the bold pink colour really stands out and the writing is simple yet affective. Based on looks alone, I’d probably give this a 5* rating.
Normally, I buy comb brush mascaras, as I think they work more effectively to separate and lengthen lashes, so this is quite a new experience for me. The brush is curved, in an attempt to curl the lashes, but I just found that, with the thick bristles, this just made it harder to use.  It does lengthen my eyelashes and give them volume, but it can tend to get a bit clumpy and cause my lashes to stick together.
Overall, I personally wouldn’t buy this item again, but it does the job as everyday mascara and, for only £6, it won’t exactly break the bank.
(I’d like to add, that the photos show a huge increase in the length of my eyelashes, but I do have quite long lashes, it’s just they’re blonde so hard to see without any mascara on)


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