Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wasting Light, Foo Fighters (review)

Release date: 12/04/11
Track listing: (click here)
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Rating: * * * *
I have to be honest when I say I’m not a huge Foo Fighters fan, I mean, I’ve always liked their music but this the first of their albums I’ve actually bought. I’d heard songs such as ‘Walk’ and ‘Rope’ on the radio and when I saw this on sale for only £5 I just had to buy it.
It’s a pretty average album cover, a plain back background with pink writing and the members faces faded over each other in a sort of oval shape. The whole effect’s quite strange but works with the album. I was disappointed to find there were no lyrics written in the case insert as I believe lyrics are the key to an amazing song and always like to read these before listening to the album. Instead, there’s some almost ‘pop-art’ style photos of the band performing and playing in the studio.
Highlights of the album include ‘Walk’, ‘Arlandria’ and the lesser-known ‘These Days’.  This is the band’s 7th album and I think the decision they made to go right back to basics was perfect for this record as the songs have a raw-edge to them that you don’t seem to find very often and you can really hear the emotion in Grohl’s voice.
However, the reason this album didn’t get a 5 star review is due to the fact it took me a good few listens to really appreciate the album, with songs such as ‘Bridge Burning’ that maybe took the edgy ‘rawness’ a step too far.
All-in-all, I would probably recommend this album to my friends as there are some really great, original songs that deserve a listen. I can’t compare to any of their old albums (as I haven’t heard any) but this is a strong 4 star record and one that I won’t be getting tired of any time soon.

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